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For a great selection of tropical fish and coral in Ventura, call Aquatic Reef Designs.

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Fish For Sale | Aquatic Reef Designs

Happy fish and coral is our passion...Aquatic Reef Designs stocks the healthiest fish to introduce to your aquarium. We hand select every fish...

Aquarium Supplies | Aquatic Reef Designs

Whether you are just setting up an aquarium or if you want to customize the aquarium you have owned for a while, we have all the aquarium...

Coral For Sale | Aquatic Reef Designs

If you are in need of aquarium sales and maintenance, call the experts at Aquatic Reef Designs. Offering an extensive selection of aquariums...

For all of your salt and freshwater fish, aquarium supplies, and aquarium sales and maintenance needs in Ventura, CA, call Aquatic Reef Designs.

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Have you been thinking about starting an aquarium in your home or business? Or adding to your present tank and are looking for expertise in fish and reef keeping? Our warehouse supplies our numerous maintenance accounts with only the healthiest specimens available. When you visit Aquatic Reef Designs and purchase from our tanks you are guaranteed you are acquiring the livestock that has been adequately housed in unstressed, pollutant free conditions.

We are here to serve both the saltwater and freshwater hobbyist with our 40 years plus experience. We will help you save frustration and money by sharing our extreme knowledge on all the do's and dont's including what equipment is really needed to succeed, while offering the lowest prices on all supplies and livestock.

Owning an aquarium is rewarding and relaxing, but it can be a challenge to replicate nature’s delicate balance in an aquarium. Aquatic Reef Designs will help keep your showpiece as close as possible to the natural conditions that exist in an exotic coral reef, tropical river, or freshwater lake through our complete saltwater and freshwater aquarium service. The insured, reliable, and professional team at Aquatic Reef Designs will service your aquarium as if it is our own.