Aquarium Supplies

Aquatic Reef Designs is the place to go to deal directly with the aquarium fish experts in Ventura, CA.

If You Need Aquarium Supplies You Can Count On Us

Aquarium Supplies | Aquatic Reef Designs - Ventura, CA

Whether you are just setting up an aquarium or if you want to customize the aquarium you have owned for a while, we have all the aquarium supplies you need. Here at Aquatic Reef Designs, we offer everything from quality fish food to coral supplements, medicine, filters, cleaning supplies, lighting, pumps, live rock and sand, and quality salt water and fresh water.

We specialize in LED lighting using it many years on maintenance accounts cutting power cost and need for expensive chillers. We have everything you need to keep your aquarium healthy and clean at very competitive prices.

We can custom order aquariums in any shape and materiel available. We will be happy to meet with you and give you our advice on the choices best suited for your installation.